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Alarm system and Smart Home Wifi and GSM/GPRS Chuango

Product no.: Alarma-Chuango-H4

Wireless alarm and Smart Home Chuango H4. Composed of control panel, magnetic contact, PIR, remote plug and 2 remote controls.

264.69 *
423.50 €
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Hybrid Wireless GSM Alarm Kit PIR Anti-Pe

Product no.: Kit-Alarma-Chuango-B11

Hybrid Wireless Alarm Kit Chuango B11. It has GSM panel, anti-pet PIR, magnetic contact, remote control and RFID cards.

230.99 *
367.84 €
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Wireless Alarm Kit with Alerts Dispatch and Touch Panel

Product no.: Kit-Alarma-Chuango-A11

Chuango wireless alarm kit. Made up of touch panel, PIR detector, magnetic contact, proximity keys and remote controls.

164.86 *
263.78 €
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GSM Alarm Panel Kit - Magnetic Contact - Detector

Product no.: Kit-Alarma-Chuango-GO2

Chuango GO2 alarm kit with GSM touch panel, volumetric switch, magnetic contact, 2 knobs and feeder.

143.69 *
229.90 €
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CHUANGO alarms

Wireless and mixed alarms manufacturer Chuango. Alarm kits, detectors, cameras, control panels different grades 1,2,3,4. +34 680630525

We will find different alarm kits in which they will be equipped with different cameras, detectors, and control panels that will determine a specific function. Anti-jamming cameras appear, IP cameras via Wifi suitable for indoors and outdoors, on the other hand, there are photodetectors, PIR detectors, video recorders, IP control panels with different 3G / 4G communications, sirens and finally other accessories that come with the kits.