Solar Energy Kits

Solar Energy Kits


Solar Energy Kit includes inverters, solar panels, batteries, accessories, power modules, meters and services contact:

We place solar panels in the domestic and industrial as transportable guarantees of up to 25 years, as well as a great variety of photovoltaic modules such as batteries, smart meters and inverters.

The kit also includes different services that we offer to the client, one of them would be installation, although on the other hand we would find maintenance, lifting means, architectural report, different procedures such as management and technical team

Our company present in the industrial and domestic world since 2006 we specialize in the energy field to provide you, in addition to a product of excellence, a service of quality and responsibility.

We have the best brands in the market such as LONGI, JA solar, sunpower, rec, HYUNDAI, Trina Solar, LG Electronics and Panasonic HIT®. They are high-quality products, both high-performance monocrystalline and polycrystalline

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Solar Kit 10.000W 21 panel 480W Hyundai installation + procedur

Product no.: 21070173_Kit Energía solar

12,850.18 *

Solar Kit 8000W 17 panels 480W Hyundai installation + procedur

Product no.: 21070164_Kit Energía Solar

11,051.41 *

Solar Kit 4000W 9 panels 480W Hyundai installation + procedure

Product no.: 21070161_Kit Energía Solar

7,377.35 *

Solar Kit 6000W 13 panels 480W Hyundai installation + procedur

Product no.: 21070142_Kit Energía Solar

9,132.20 *

Solar Camper Kit 12V 1000W/day with ABS fiber structure

Product no.: 2211010_Kit_Solar_Camper_12V_1000W

214.17 *
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