4 Channel Optical Transmitter

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4 Channel Optical Transmitter HDCVI 180p / 720p 0-20km DC 12V, Wavelength in / out 1310nm / 1550nm, Single Mode FC, Half Dual working mode. Specifications: 

Model: PFO2410T

Physical port: FC (single mode fiber), 4 * BNC, 1 * RS485.

Transmission distance: 0 to 20 km.

Input / output wavelength: 1310nm / 1550nm

Automatic balance cable input: 1080p: 75-5 coaxial support 300m / 720p: 75-5 coaxial support 500m

Input / output impedance: 75Ω.

Sampling Bandwidth: 10bit.

Power: DC12V.Co

Power consumption: <6W

Application Humidity: 10% -90%.

High and low temperature: -40 ° C ~ 70 ° C.

Weight: 480 grams.

Dimension (L × H × H) 100 mm × 150 mm × 30 mm

Installation Mode: DIN rail.


Some outstanding features are:

- Real-time transmission without delay or loss of signal quality.
- Quick and easy installation.
- Designed for industrial applications over a wide range of temperatures.
- Sealed and reinforced metal housing.
- Earth ground through the ground screw.

Package content:

1 - Optical transmitter.

1 - Power supply.

- Manual.


Transmitter-optic-4-channel, Transmitter-4-channel, Transmitter-fiber-optic, Transmitter-optic-1080p, Transmitter-optic-single-mode, DH-PFO2410T, PFO2410T-T24.

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