UPS double conversion 2000VA voltage 120V/220V

Product no.: 2200126_SAI con doble conversión 2.0KVA_OPTIMA-T09 2.0K

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UPS double conversion Xmart 2000VA voltage 120V/220V max. 1.5 Amps VRLA AGM batteries recharge in 4 hours +34 680 630 525


Xmart double conversion UPS has a capacity of 2000VA, its frequency is between 40 and 70 hz, its voltage would be 120V (USA) or 220V (EU), its start-up time is between 7 and 10 seconds, it uses VRLA batteries AGM, the 90% recharge time is achieved between 4 and 5 hours, the product has protection against discharge or lightning from phenomena, output current through circuit breakers for 3K NEMA models and suitable for withstanding a maximum load of 1.5 Amps.


Specific characteristics

-Capacity of 2000VA / 1800W
-Voltage 120V (80-150Vac) or 220V (160-300Vac)
-Frequency 40Hz / 70Hz
-Pure Sine Wave
-Input current circuit breaker
-Output current circuit breaker for 3K NEMA models
-Maximum charging current of 1.5 Amps
-Battery current through internal fuse 80A
-Double conversion
-Battery recharge to 90% in 4 hours
-Boot time between 7 and 10 seconds
-VRLA-AGM batteries
-97% inverter efficiency
-DC component greater than 100mV
-Product dimensions 421 x 190 x 318 mm
-Product weight of 26kg


Package content
X1 UPS with double conversion 2.0KVA (OPTIMA-T09 2K)

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