Watch DVR Spy Camera (4GB)

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Take the intelligence to the next level with the smallest DVR in the world watch the spy camera. The camera lens is completely undetectable hidden, no one will notice they are being recorded!

Introducing the world's smallest DVR Spy Camera Clock: This is the first time that much technology is packed into such a compact design. As one of the most recent innovations in computer intelligence, small size and light weight of this mini spy camera lets you put in your pocket and easy to carry anywhere. Spy in the home, office or even on the fly. The built-in DVR capture about 2 hours of high quality video and comes with a microphone for all your needs of covert surveillance.

To completely avoid suspicion, the secret spy gadget looks and works like a mechanical desktop clock. No wires, no sounds, and an undetectable hidden camera lens, no one is wiser so far only spy! Small discreet design of the World Watch DVR Spy Camera makes widely used in personal interviews, meetings, home, office, and for all types of personal use.

With the recording of a single button, a pinhole lens with high quality and super compact design, the world's smallest DVR Digital Photo Frame is sure to become a best selling item. If you are a distributor, this is a good opportunity to sell a single spy device before anyone else. Place your orders now and we will express ship your order in the morning. And do not forget, this spy gadget is backed by our guarantee of 12 months and famous is now available. Available only from the leaders in wholesale electronics and spy devices.

At a glance ...

* World's Smallest Spy Camera Clock DVR
* 4 GB of internal memory
* 640 x 480 (30 fps) video recording
* Built-in microphone for audio recording
Easy to use a recording button
* Undetectable pinhole lens
* Never before seen

Manufacturer Specifications

* Video format: AVI
* Video resolution: 640 * 480 (30 fps)
* Microphone: Yes
Memory: 4 GB internal
* USB transfer rate: 2.0
* Working time: About 2 hours of continuous video recording
* Record objects Suggested Range: 1 ~ 5 meters
* Power supply: Built-in rechargeable lithium ion
* Battery life for recording: About 2 hours (when fully charged)
* Battery Capacity: 300 mAh
Dimensions: 44 x 47 x 18 mm

Product Notes

* High-grade stainless steel
* Sleek looking small desktop clock that integrates anywhere

Package Contents

* World's Smallest Spy Camera Clock DVR
* USB Cable
* Power Adapter
* CD with demo software
* Free travel adapter (for UK, AU, NA, SA clients)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

* Why does the color in the videos a little off?
Make sure you remove the protective layer on the clock face!
* Does this spy gadget to record audio?
Yes, this alarm clock spy record audio with the video! However, there is no record audio only.
- Guarantee of 12 months

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