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Installation is simply connecting the plant in a safe and wireless detectors are wired outputs saved if you wish you can use the

Operating options.

A-activate all abana coach because we withdrew ie left alone, will activate the sensor that detects infrared volumetric someone moving inside the caravan and also censors doors and windows of the caravan.

B-We were sleeping in it, in this case with the 2 button activated single doors for an audible warning when you open the door or window to include in this mode.

C-We leave older people in it, the remote has an alert option in an emergency or go notice that he would contact you or the people you authorize further with a simple call you can hear what's going on it .

D-In the case of vehicle theft, if they want to steal the vehicle security system is activated if you could connect an output so you can immobilize the vehicle is put into operation no.

E-special compartments such as where we keep the gas or the generator or motor carrier, these areas could be connected in an area that is 24 hours you do not have to worry about enable or disable these areas could be 24 hours.

F-If you rent your caravan. Also you could attach this kit a pager or a video camera so you can see where this image (this option is not included).

G-In case of panic, as one medical emergency or a notice to a single family with the remote you can do everything.

H-Another very convenient feature is the linking of the alarm with the general closure abana could coach in the case of total activations addition you activate your security system locking his car caravan connecting to central locking her.

I-You remotely wherever you are with just one call you can enable or disable for example if you are connected you can turn on a light inside to simulate presence besides being able to hear.

For all this and more product that fits your needs and with all the confidence of a European factory as SATEL that manufactures electronic security of these systems.

This kit is included

1 Central Security GPRS, GSM, wireless.

2 Transmitters or with remote controls and wireless panic SOS notice.

1 Contact or contact wireless door or window.

1 internal volumetric Censor WIRELESS

1 WIRELESS fire detector.

1 GPRS or GSM Transmitter bidirectional included in the plate.

1 Microphone for environmental listening.

1 Connecting cable for programming or computer or computer management from.

1 Output for motor stop or power failure the vehicle that can be activated remotely well.

- Outdoor infrared detector to protect tents and etc. (optional)

Recall that in case it is needed as volumetric external detectors can be added without problem.

If you park the motorhome for long the control panel could be connected to the grid in place eg 220 volt

This set up to be completely wireless you do not touch any of the installation of your motorhome so if under warranty I could install without problems in your wireless settings.


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