Maintenance package 175 hrs for H520E Yuneec

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Maintenance package 175 hrs for H520E Yuneec Service-175 helps improve drone health for better flight performance.

Included services:

1.Verification of aircraft:
Integrity of the aircraft shell
General condition, clean and remove dust and debris.
Motherboard integrity, corrosion, connections and joints
Both leg actuators and connectors for cracks and close contact
All internal connections and solder joints
GPS module dirt and debris
Battery connection board for wear
Engine Clearance: Raise each of the engines and add pressure to the side (Replace if convenient)
Propeller blockages, wear and operation. (Replace if there is excessive wear)
Ventilation of debris and dust areas
Arm lock mechanism (Replace if necessary)
Landing Gear Actuators and Contact Wear Check (Clean)
Antenna sleeves for any wear and tear or frayed cables
Gimbal rail for any damage, wear, or stress marks. (Replace if convenient)
Camera lens threads for thread integrity
Camera Quick Contact Pins for Wear and Cleaning (If Necessary)
Landing gear actuators (remove and evaluate) and make sure feet are secure
Compass, accelerometer, and gimbal calibration
Replacement of: arm locks, arm springs, all propellers, camera gimbal vibration dampers and top mount gimbal rails


2.Check camera: E50, E90, CGOET, E10T, E10Tv
Top mount for use. (Replace if excessive wear is noted)
Camera gimbals dampen vibrations and replace as needed
Tilt, pan and yaw motors for better movement
Lens Damage and Report (If Necessary)


3.ST16 series ground station control check:
Debris and dust vents
Change retaining rings to fit
Secure Screws
Battery Contacts for Engagement
Joysticks pivot and clean
Gimbal control potentiometer


Firmware update on aircraft, ground station and camera control.


5. Flight test:
Conduct a handling verification flight to ensure proper pitch, yaw, roll, and altitude control.
Confirmation that the landing gear is working properly.
Return shipping included.

"Delivery times depend on the manufacturer yuneec (Germany), not being responsible for any delays that they may cause"

Package content:
Maintenance package 175hrs for H520E Yuneec



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