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Resistant and adjustable for optimal aperture and personalized of jamb doors. This kit is equipped to directly verify the quality of all its functions without too much complication. It consists of a wireless signal light, 1 pair of photocells for outdoor, 1 remote control of two channels, 1 placard danger sign and maneuver table for nothing for missing in the implementation.


Article 2009141 - The kit consists of:

x1 Gearmotor of 230V AC with guide finals at open for opening
gate leaf or cancellers up to 2 meters of length.
x1 Maneuvering box for gearmotors of 230V.
x1 Light signaling with antenna of 433 mhz.
x1 Pair of photocells for outdoor.
x1 Remote control of two channels.
x1 Warning placard of danger.


Features of the gearmotor:

The pistons are made to comply with the latest techniques for automation. The choice of components and degree of finish of the product offers a high quality and reliability in combination with a decidedly pleasant esthetical. Electromechanical automation does not require periodic maintenance or internal regulation. Its installation is easy and well-way, and does not cause any change in the structure of the gate or canceller.

■ Gearmotor electromechanical automation gearmotor of 230V AC,
leaves up to 2 meters in length.
■ Optional extension for use with larger doors. (See our
contact information, we recommend to suit your needs.)
■ Switch the option on opening. (Provided through previous contact with
our department.)
■ Key lock with simple manual.
■ Mechanical switches with metal totally easy to regulate.
■ 2-channel radio receiver with 433 MHz built.
■ Table maneuvering with adjustable and programmable functions
through the digital display and 3 buttons.
■ Silent and fast with simple manual release.
■ Reductor in bath oil.
■ Condenser incorporated.

   -ldeal for mounting outdoors.
   -All mechanical parts are lubricated with grease.
   Pistons-guarantee the irreversible closure of the door, allowing the reversible opening from the outside and require lubricant or grease.
   -Pistons irreversible release with personalized key can open the door without power.
   -They have a displacement of 390 mm.


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