Skateboard Yuneec E-GO 2 Electric with remote 20 km

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Skateboard Yuneec E-GO 2 Electric with remote 20 km / h 12% Pe 30 Km

The Yuneec E-Go2 is an electric skateboard, designed, developed and manufactured by the creators of Drone Q500 Typhoon 4K, leading electric propulsion systems over the last decade, using those over ten years of experience derived from sudivision aviation. The Yuneec 400W E-GO2 engine provides power just as it does 48KW motor ultralight only 6.3 kg it can take bus or taxi or walking.

The E-GO 2 ECU

The exchange of E-GO 2 Transportation controlled by software, housed between the motor and the battery is the electronic control unit of the E-GO 2. Yuneec designed this software and high-tech hardware to be robust and durable, which function is to communicate with the control without cables, battery and engine to provide the best performance. Fortunately, Yuneec manufactures itself all three accessories, key factor in knowledge and the development of all its products.

Battery E-GO 2
Innovative flexible design

The battery of the E-GO2 uses the latest technology and is housed in a flexible and waterproof housing patented Yuneec, which changes shape with the movement of the table. The integrated USB port enables you to load wireless control easy and simple way. The charger recharges the battery of the E-GO2 in about 2 hours, and provides a range of more than 30km!

The controller command of E-GO2
Ergonomic, lightweight design with an extra


The ergonomic design remote control conbtrol makes it very comfortable to hold and use. It has an automatic locking system using automatic synchronization, a fantastic level information system battery LED lights, selector low-speed, style setting speed, speed control and even light as a flashlight. It features an adjustable safety strap on the wrist to keep control during use, it is nice to know that you can keep in your pocket or purse and takes up less space than a phone mobil. Weighing less than 60 grams, Yuneec engineers have created a light, comfortable and very easy to use.

The Controller E-GO2
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The controls for the E-Go are in turn the ignition key and the instrument panel. Intuitive and easy to use, just slide your finger forward to accelerate and swipe back to slow down and stop. With the selectors speed and style setting speed, you will enjoy the control in the palm of your hand. Do not be surprised if people observe the control you have over your E-GO2 as you work it.

The application for Iphone e-GO2
iPhone App Available

The Yuneec E-GO2 provides a control packet-all-in-one in the form of an iPhone app that lets you connect with your electric scooter via Bluetooth. You can operate your E-GO2 while you move through the streets. In addition, the app offers great extra features such as speedometer, distance tracker and information

The wheels of the E-GO2
Precision Bearing A-7 BEC.


Wheel diameter: 90mm
Length: 960 mm approx
Width: 250 mm
Weight: 6.3 kg
Bearings: A-7 precision BEC
Speed: up to 20 kmh
Caution: Do not street legal!
Charging time: about 2 hours
regenerative braking system
Outstanding: up to 12%
Range: up to 30Km
Color: green / black, blue / black and red / black



1- E-GO2 royal ware Electric Skateboard with remote control, battery charger 240V / 110V, mounting hardware and user manual.

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