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Price lists

Price lists, professional, distribution and resale of material. Orders must pass or by calling +34-910 059 142 The requirements to access the discounts are either being a regular client making everyday purchases in our company or place orders over a certain amount. Prices usually shown in PVP. and will be assigned a discount depending on your purchase ranging from 15 to 60%.

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Product no.: 0000-Lista-Precio-Profesional

Professional price list combined safety month by month. CCTV, spy cameras, surveillance cameras, cctv dealer, mini cameras.

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Product no.: Listas-cctv

CCTV Recorders prices CVI TVI 4 in 1 OEM price for Dahua Hikvision.Listas, professional, distribution and resale of material.

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Product no.: Listas-NVR-Cámara-IP

Prices CCTV Recorders NVR Dahua Hikvision IP Camera OEM professional, distribution and resale of material.

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Product no.: Listas-accesorios-cctv

Price List Accessories cctv electronic network hard disks tools posters.......................................................

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Product no.: Listas-Anviz-Fibaro-Pyronix-Chuango

Alarms prices Pyronix CHUANGO Home8 access control Automation Anviz Fibaro and accessories professional, distribution and resale of material

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