Batteries / Power

Batteries / Power

Batteries and power modules accumulate electric current stores electrons flow electrochemical media


Batteries and power modules for renewable energy products in the domestic and industrial sectors as transportable guarantees of up to 25 years contact:

Our company present in the industrial and domestic world since 2006 we specialize in the energy field to provide you, in addition to a product of excellence, a service of quality and responsibility.

We have the best brands in the market such as LONGI, JA solar, sunpower, rec, HYUNDAI, Trina Solar, LG Electronics and Panasonic HIT®. They are high-quality products, both high-performance monocrystalline and polycrystalline

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Battery 5kWh SOC / LED indicator IP66 communication RS485

Product no.: 21070124_Batería Huawei_01074643

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Power module IP66 cooling natural convection

Product no.: 21070123_Módulo de alimentación Huawei_01074646

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