Yuneec UAV

Yuneec UAV

Sector focused on brand Yuneec professional drones with  camera. We are direct distributors in Spain offering the best prices and products.

We have the best selling models such as the Yuneec H520, a professional multiplatform drone that offers the possibility of mounting different types of professional cameras.

You can also find other models such as the Yuneec Typhoon H and his little brother Yuneec Mantis Q, two very versatile and functional models.

We have all the spare parts and updates for Yuneec drones in this sector such as brushless motors, propellers, lipo batteries, frames and all kinds of spare parts.

If you do not find the drone you need, you can contact us through 902263000 during business hours or by sending an email to ""

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The Landing gear fixation H520 / H520E

Product no.: 21070158_Tren de fijación aterrizaje_YUNTYH131

15.15 *
In stock
can be shipped within 1 a 4 days

Retraction module for drones H3 / H520E / H520 / Typhoon

Product no.: 21070157_Módulo de retracción_YUNTYH109SVC

50.82 *
In stock
can be shipped within 1 a 4 days

The Transponder Droniq GNSS-LTE HOD4track H520E

Product no.: 21070156_Transpondedor Droniq GNSS-LTE

2,607.76 *
In stock
can be shipped within 1 a 45 days

125 hrs maintenance package for H520E Yuneec

Product no.: 2107026_Paquete-de_mantenimiento_125hs

405.70 *

Dual charger DY5E H520E charges 6 Amp

Product no.: 21070155_Cargador doble DY5E para H520E

172.80 *

Multiple charger for battery ST16S and ST16E Yuneec

Product no.: 2107033_Cargador_mútiple_para_batería_ST16S_ST16E_Yuneec_YUNST16S101

80.32 *

Battery for transmitters ST16S and ST16E Yuneec

Product no.: 2107032_Batería_para_ST16S_ST16E_Yuneec_YUNST16S100

105.10 *
In stock

Transmitter ST16E for H520E Yuneec

Product no.: 2107031_Transmisor_ST16E_para_H520E

812.39 *
In stock

PhotoMesh UAV PRO by Yuneec

Product no.: 2107030_PhotoMesh_UAV_PRO

6,049.94 *
In stock

PhotoMesh UAV Plus by Yuneec

Product no.: 2107029_PhotoMesh_UAV_PLUS

4,114.00 *
In stock

Yuneec PhotoMesh UAV

Product no.: 2107028_PhotoMesh_UAV

1,209.94 *
In stock

Radio station with portable air band 200 channels

Product no.: 20011-emisora-radio-200-canales-5w

338.80 *
400.00 €
You save 15 %
In stock
can be shipped within 1 a 14 days

E10TX Termocamera 50° per H520E

Product no.: 2107024_Cámara_térmica_RGB_para_H520E_E10TX_50

5,590.20 *

Termocamera E10TX per H520E

Product no.: 2107023_Cámara_para_H520E_ETX

2,134.14 *

Thermal camera E10TX 34 for H520E

Product no.: 2107022_Cámara_térmica_RGB_para_H520E_E10TX_34

5,590.20 *

E10TX 24 ° Thermal Camera for H520E

Product no.: 2107021_Cámara_térmica_RGB_para_H520E_E10TX_24

5,590.20 *

Charger UP100AC DUO AC/DC

Product no.: 17464-cargador-UP100A

175.45 *

E30ZX camera for H520E hexacopter

Product no.: 2107020_Cámara_para_H520E_E30ZX

3,628.79 *

Yuneec H520E RTK Professional 1cm HDMI 7

Product no.: 20306-H520E-RTK

4,838.79 *
Product data sheet

Yuneec H520E Lipo battery 4S 6200mha

Product no.: 20305-Bateria-h520E

199.00 *
Product data sheet
In stock
can be shipped within 1 a 14 days

Yuneec H520E 20 Mpx 4K camera, 60 FPS Yuneec E90X

Product no.: 20303-yuneec-h520E-camara-E90X

1,299.00 *

Yuneec H520E Professional Hexacopter drone

Product no.: 20302-H520E-dron

2,379.02 *
Product data sheet

Yuneec H520 RTK real-time kinematics

Product no.: 180264-yuneec-h520-rtk-hexcóptero

3,199.00 *

Universal reversible take-off platform for drone

Product no.: 180403-plataforma-de-despegue-dron-universal-impermeable-reversible

9.50 *
In stock
can be shipped within 1 a 4 days

Gimbal with camera for the Mantis Q of Yuneec

Product no.: 180248-Gimbal- mantis-q-Yuneec

79.99 *

Mantis g yuneec folding stabilization by gimbal 4k

Product no.: 180419-Mantis-g-plegable-yuneec-estabilización-cardán-4k-33-minutos-vuelo

699.00 *

RTK H520 upgrade kit with installation included

Product no.: 180297-Kit-de-actualización-RTK-instalación-incluida

1,999.00 *

Typhoon H Plus Hexacopter with 1" 4K camera

Product no.: 17714-Yuneec-Typhoon-H-Plus

1,699.00 *

Typhoon H3 camera Leica 4K 20 mpx gimbal 3 axis

Product no.: 180425-Typhoon-h3-Leica-Yuneec

2,399.00 *

GPS base station for H520 yuneec RTK

Product no.: 180298- Estación-base-GPS-RTK-H520-yuneec

2,399.00 *

E30Z 30x optical zoom camera for H520.

Product no.: 20019-cámara-E30Z-zoom-óptico-30X-H520

3,659.00 *

New Yuneec CGOET Thermal and Residual Light Camera

Product no.: 17458-Yuneec-Camara-CGOET

1,999.00 *

Yuneec camera E10T high thermal resolution

Product no.: 180142-E10T-Yuneec

5,998.79 *

Integral transmitter ST16S h520

Product no.: 180155-transmisor-st16s-h520

749.00 *

Electric Skateboard with Yuneec command

Product no.: 6024-Yuneec-skateboard-EGO

304.02 *
699.00 €
You save 57 %
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1 - 36 of 167 results