Sprayer Drone with 10 liters capacity

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Sprayer Dron with 10 liters capacity and excellent performance with the following advantages:

  • Safety: Sprayer drones protect farmers from poisoning and sunburn while using harmful pesticides.
  • High efficiency: 50-100 acres per day can be sprayed, which is 30 times more than traditional spray methods.
  • Environmental protection: Water and soil contamination is severely reduced with the fixed position and orientation method.
  • Reduction of waste: 30% of pesticide savings is established by a high degree of atomization and chemical mist can be sprayed at all levels of the crop.
  • Water savings: 90% of the water can be saved compared to traditional spray methods. This is possible through the use of ultra low volume spray technology.
  • Lower cost: There is a 97% reduction in cost compared to traditional spray methods.
  • Wide range of applications: It is not influenced by the terrain and height of the crop, it has an ergonomic and innovative remote control, easily manages flights at low altitudes and it does not damage the crop.
  • Easy use and maintenance: It has a long service life, low maintenance cost, and its parts are easy to replace.



Model T24-10L
Pesticide Tank 10L
Net Weight 11.5kg
Take-off Weight 24.5kg
Max Take-off Capacity 28kg
Flying Time 10~15min
Flying Radius 0~1000m
Flying Height 0~30m
Flying Speed 0~12m/s
Work Temperature -10~70°C
Work Humidity 0~90%
Spray Speed 0~8m/s
Spray Width/Nozzle No. >4~6m / 4 Nozzles
Spray Flow 1~1.5L/min
Spray Efficiency 1500~2500sq.m/min
Flying Downward Airflow 4~15m/s
Wind Resistance 10m/s
Machine Size Spread Size W2m x L1.3m x H0.45m
Folded Size W0.7m x L0.6m x H0.62m
Power System Motor Brushless
Propeller Carbon Fiber
ESC Rapid Throttle Response
Flight Control V7.1
Remote Controller Datalink 32 RC
Battery / Quantity 6S 16000mAh / 2pc
Adaptor + Charger 8-way Charger
Packing Case Aluminum Case
Toolkit Maintenance/Repair Tools



FPV Fixed Camera + Image Transmission
7" Screen + Tripod + Battery + Sunshade
Intelligent Spraying DCU
Terrain Following Radar
Autonomous Spraying Ground Station Software + Radio Telemetry
Continuous Spraying Extra Batteries
Extra Chargers+ Extra Chargers


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Pro AG Disc + Sequoia Sensor, 14 Mpx 1080p Camera Pro AG Disc + Sequoia Sensor, 14 Mpx 1080p Camera
4,131.40 € *

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FPV Kit for agricultural drones FPV Kit for agricultural drones
1.21 € *
Autonomous flight unit Autonomous flight unit
1.21 € *
Intelligent Spray Unit Intelligent Spray Unit
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