1 gsm intercom button surface mount

1 gsm intercom button surface mount

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GSM Goalkeeper 1-button, stainless steel finish (VIDEX) surface mounting.

Goalkeeper comunicion GSM allows up to 40 users. Installation is very simple, without having to do work, but the installation of front and ready instalaicon time is very small and in most cases on the same day would be up and running. Also as he calls his mobile (cellular) no one will know where you are or not in their dwellings, home, office, industry. The main doors open a door of car park (garage gate) is just a missed call (only authorized phones will open the door). The GSM INTERCOM 1 only needs a voice card and nothing else. Ideal for replacement of old equipment and the guarantee of always being connected to the head that come to your domicile. A seguirdad level is very important to note that in many cases the robbers made a call to the doorman before and if you always can say, is a very good deterrent because it will never know whether or not you are at home.

Since all information is stored on the SIM card can create statistics of consumption, visits, etc..


pressing the computer code that corresponds to your house will call your mobile (cellular) authorized in the event that this family for example you and your child MARIA CARLOS teenager could be assigned two different codes for each of you in this way at the same address when someone reaches the portal in the list of stories and users could choose who to call in this way avoid many unnecessary and annoying calls.


 PORTER GSM GSM 1 is a simple intercom system (GSM) that is designed to ensure a reliable, low cost, single box for the application of porters. It is designed for an unlimited extent, and support wireless GSM intercom CLIP free.
Besides GSM INTERCOM 1 supports alarm detection, informational messages, detection of low credit prepaid SIM cards.

GSM INTERCOM 1 is an audio unit GSM - GSM communication between Porter and phones - that lets you communicate with your visitors while you are away. When people visit your home, pressing the intercom button, the unit will call GSM 1 PORTER quietly to their mobile phones or fixed (RTC) and you can communicate with visitors from anywhere in the world.

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