Pilot Course of Presential Theoretical Drone+Practical Theory

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Pilot Course of Presential Theoretical Drone + Practical Theory + Legislation Effective and Operative with Drone of up to 5kg of 73 hours of duration according to the requirements of Royal Decree 1036/2017

Girodrones, through the ATO-210 of Casarrubios dictates, authorizes and certifies each girodrones_logoalumno that satisfactorily finishes all the stages of this course.

The course is held from Monday to Friday from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. in our school of Avinguda de França 234 in Sarrià de Ter, province of Girona, in small groups that guarantee a fluid communication.

Our teachers are flight instructors certified by the State Aviation Safety Agency, as well as the materials provided to the students, the contents of the courses and the aircraft used in the practices. The courses will be taught by flight instructors with proven experience in both flight instruction and theoretical instruction. The certificate that is awarded upon completion and passing the course is approved by AESA.

In Girodrones quality and professionalism are the guarantee of our services.

The course consists of the following blocks: foto2

Theoretical Part - 60 hours Practical Theory Part - 5 hours

General Knowledge of Aircraft
Legislation / Regulation
Human Factors for RPS's
Emergency Procedures
Normal procedures
Principles of flight
Operational Procedures
Weight and Centered Equipment
Performance of aircraft
Assembly and adjustment
Navigation and Interpretation of Letters
First simulator flight
ATC Communications
Aeronautical theory
Advanced Communications
Real flight with drones

Content of the Final Flight Test
Vertical takeoff with 10 seconds flight in stationary
Translation in fast and level flight in the form of "S" with 4 course changes
Slow flight leveled in approach with the tail in view of the pilot
Slow and level flight in "S" shape with 4 course changes
Vertical ascent 10/20 meters with lateral flight at 30 meters
Rectangular circuit to the left with vertical landing
Circuit to 100 meters of altitude with left turn with final section in approach to 5 meters of height landing in a defined area
Demonstrate the capacity of the multi-rotor (loss of GPS signal, loss of command and control link) RTH System
Vertical ascent to 100 meters and vertical descent with landing
20 takeoffs and landings

In addition, and in an extracurricular manner, the following topics are taught: foto1

- Videos and comments about real accidents in drones.
- Material to obtain to be a drone operator.
- Help in the implementation of projects and accessibility to equipment by means of Tienda24hs.
- Legal knowledge about the legal risks that may be exposed.
- Knowledge for adaptation to aircraft with respect to activity that you are interested in developing.


5 Theoretical-practical hours to be defined with the student according to level
Theoretical and practical examination of the Drone (Required).
Optional: 1 Flight time in our simulator with different activities to have a first shot in contact with the controls and drones.


Be 18 years of age (With 17 years of age you can complete the course, but you can not practice until you reach 18).
Medical certificate Class 2 or LAPD
DNI, NIE in force or CIF
1 Photograph


All our students become part, if they wish, of a job bank for Drones Pilots

GIRODRONES is part of the 24HR STORE Group, a company with a worldwide presence and more than 10 years of experience. We are also official representatives of the main brands of the market, such as DJI, Yuneec, Parrot and others.

We also adapt, maintain and repair the equipment of our customers and soon replacement equipment while the repair lasts with a minimum cost.


We wait for you in GIRODRONES


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