Yuneec H520E Professional Hexacopter drone

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Yuneec H520E Professional Hexacopter drone up to 7 kilometers 7 inch HDMI monitor. Up to 25 minutes of flight. H520E YUNH520EEU YUNH520EUK YUNH520EUS.

CHARACTERISTICS of the new Yuneec H520E.

New more powerful and functional flight controller.
New failsafe battery connector.
New 3.5-7km * long-range OFDM module that is designed for professional, commercial and government requirements in compliance with the new EASA law.
High precision compass and low interference guaranteeing a perfect job.
New 30-pin payload interface allowing multiple compatible devices.
No data transfer to external servers with guarantee of compliance with the data protection law.
With 6 stable and safe rotors, guaranteeing a precision flight and with all the safety measures.
Its operation is completely silent and energy efficient to achieve a quality and safety flight.
The ST16E transmitter with integrated 7 ”touch screen, voice output and complete DataPilot ™ software
HDMI signal directly from the ST16E to send the live image of the drone to larger monitors or live broadcasts.
Ser can easily plan a mission on the computer or ST16E


 This next-generation H520E Hexacopter was specially developed for commercial drone applications and provides SAR ground crews, inspectors, police, fire brigades, and surveying crews with a versatile tool. The H520E is a robust, powerful, and flexible UAV platform that can be ideally tailored to individual requirements and therefore enables a variety of industry-specific applications.
The H520E allows professional flights of long periods with high quality camera systems communicating with its integrated GPS that allow to register an area quickly and accurately, its high precision compass without interference allows to fly even in previously difficult to fly environments.


 The New Yuneec H520E was developed with the highest demands on safety and functionality. The 6-rotor system enables stable and safe flight by ensuring that the Yuneec H520E can continue to fly safely even if a rotor fails.
Built-in ultrasonic sensors allow the drone to detect obstacles and avoid collisions, while the battery issues battery warnings when the voltage is too low and eventually switches to a fail-safe function.
Furthermore, the H520E is equipped with a redundant control signal, a return home and a geo fence function, which ensures that the drone does not move beyond a user-specified radius.

Yuneec DataPilot ™ is a comprehensive software solution for planning survey missions and waypoints, which is fully integrated into the H520E hardware and software. The DataPilot ™ software system enables users to efficiently and consistently create ortho maps, 3D scans, crop data images, in the field or on the desktop for repeatable and retrievable aerial flight paths, without requiring expensive monitoring software. third parties. DataPilot also enables the storage of maps from many map providers for access in areas without connectivity, and provides tools for the precise location of waypoints even in areas where no updated maps are available.

Data security

The H520E has been developed as a closed system, its technical design avoids communication with third-party servers. Communication only takes place between the drone, payload, and the ST16E remote controller. The log files are stored locally on the drone and are only required by Yuneec for service purposes under warranty. There is no inadvertent data transfer to servers like other brands. Neither the flight data nor the images, videos or log files are sent to external servers and remain in your possession. Therefore, your data is optimally protected.
Yuneec with your new H520E above all complies with the data protection law and the guarantee not to disclose information that you do not authorize.


Yuneec H520E Features
Takeoff weight: 1860g (without tube) Diagonal length: 520mm (without rotor blades)
Dimensions: 551x482x309 mm
Flight time: 25-30 min
Max. Speed: 20 m / s
Max. Ascent speed: 5 m / s
Max. Descent speed: 3 m / s
Max. Flying height: 500 m
Max. Angular velocity: 120 ° / s
Battery: LiPo 4S-6200mAh
Motors: 720kV
Smart Battery Charger: SC4000-4H
Operating temperature: 0 ° C - 40 ° C
Storage temperature: -10 ° C - 50 ° C


Sensor: ultrasonic (its advantage is that with smoke or fog it still works the same).

Flight speed: 4 m / s

Operating environment: Height> 1.5 m Distance to obstacles <5 m

ST16E radio controller

The Android-based ST16E is equipped with a fast Intel quad-core processor and OFDM support.

Thanks to OFDM support, the live image transmission can be extended up to 3.5-7 kilometers. The integrated 7-inch touchscreen display ensures accurate and intuitive operation of the H520E and displays all flight information as well as the live image from the camera. The live image can also be transferred to a larger monitor or VR headset via the ST16E's HDMI output.


 ST16E REMOTE CONTROL technical details

Operating system: Android ™

Channels: 16

Transmission distance: up to 3.5-7km (3.5km Europe)

Battery: 3.6V 8700mAh 31.32Wh Li-Ion

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Video link frequency: 2.4 GHz

Video link resolution: 720p

Screen: 7 "

Operating temperature: 0 ° C - 40 ° C

Video outputs: HDMI




E90x (YUNE90XEU)






Package content

X1- H520E Hexacopter / OFDM Module

X1- ST16E remote control

X2- 4S-6200mAh batteries

X1- Charger

X1- SD card.

X1 - Strap for hanging the transmitter.

X1- Battery car charger.

X9- Blades.

X1- Directional Antenna.

X1- Omnidirectional Antenna.

X1- Parasol for the remote control.


Some of its most common features of the Yuneec H520E.


Vertical structures can be inspected safely and efficiently with the precise flight behavior of the H520E.

 Long focal lengths allow users to fly further behind the object being viewed, without compromising image quality or depth.

DataPilot ™ can store missions that require a weekly or monthly flight for comparison purposes, failure assessment or deterioration studies.

The safety improvement and cost reduction with sUAS inspection are staggering in comparison.


Site mapping

Pre-construction study, topographic measurements and project progress - The Yuneec H520E is designed to perform perfectly located and repeatable flights over construction sites, providing not only measurable and demonstrable project data, but also helps identify contraction points , risk areas or security breach points.

Autonomous flight allows for repeated flights that can be overlapped to determine changes in the workplace and provide comparisons over time.


Search and rescue

The Yuneec H520E improves safety in a contaminated scene, speeds up rescue and recovery. Firefighters appreciate the ability to "see" through smoke and quickly identify hot spots using thermal imaging, and the ability to get a panoramic view of operations in a large scene.

In addition, the drone can be used to scan the route for obstacles, find victims, photograph remote accident sites, map the terrain, monitor the accident site, or to improve communication.


The new Yuneec H520E in security work.

Accident scene reconstruction, crime scene mapping, such as "eye in the sky" for crowd control of people or objects, intelligence gathering, or monitoring of specific areas - the Yuneec H520E enables law enforcement officers Quickly record an accident scene in 2D or 3D, to later assemble data for court appearances, reports or archiving.

Camera systems with built-in GPS data allow the collection of evidence to be captured and examined before fire investigators or first responders have entered the area.


Characteristics of some of the cameras (not included in the basic product).



20 megapixel / 4K resolution at 60 frames per second

- 1 "CMOS sensor

- Digital zoom up to 8x

- 23mm lens with low distortion

- 30-pin X connector

- 320 ° rotation of the gimbal for perfect image stabilization

- Ideal for professional movie applications, 3D mapping / modeling and search and rescue.




Thermal imaging and residual light camera with FLIR® Boson sensor

- Thermal resolution 320 x 256 (E10TX) or 640 x 512 (E10TvX)

- Supports DataPilot and mission planning / Dual video streaming

- 30-pin X connector / Gimbal 320 ° rotation for perfect image stabilization

- Great value for inspection, law enforcement, fire fighting, search and rescue, and construction


- 30x optical zoom + 6x digital zoom

- Autofocus

- Automatic demisting.

- 1080p video resolution.

- 30-pin X connector that guarantees excellent connectivity.

- 2.55s zoom speed (wide-angle to telephoto)

- Ideal for police and inspection tasks.




Above all, it is a product that its quality and simplicity identifies itself with all the guarantees of acquiring a product that passes a rigorous European inspection before it reaches your hands.

The new Yuneec H520E is an unmanned aircraft adapted to professional needs with a fair price.

If you have any questions, you can contact us at or via WhatsApp at +34 680 630 525.

Tienda24hs is an Official company of yuneec since 2014.




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Dron Yuneec H520 Rigid Case Dron Yuneec H520 Rigid Case
529.00 € *
Propeller Type B For Typhoon H520 Propeller Type B For Typhoon H520
21.99 € *
Integral protector h520 and typhoon h plus Integral protector h520 and typhoon h plus
399.00 € *
Propeller Type A For Typhoon H520 Propeller Type A For Typhoon H520
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Micro SD Memory 64GB Micro SD Memory 64GB
20.42 € *
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Drone Backpack Yuneec Typhoon H Drone Backpack Yuneec Typhoon H
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Yuneec H520E Lipo battery 4S 6200mha Yuneec H520E Lipo battery 4S 6200mha
199.00 € *

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